America's botched Afghanistan withdrawal: 'It’s even worse than people know'

The following is according to firsthand accounts.
  • U.S. Embassy left behind biometrics on Afghans who helped U.S.
  • Taliban used the information to contact the Afghans with spoof emails, telling them report to fake "safe houses," where they were executed
“It’s even worse than people know,” says a source who was present for the botched U.S withdrawal from Afghanistan in August.

As the capital of Kabul descended into chaos, the CIA managed to destroy all sensitive materials at its compound at the Ariana hotel prior to departing.

Operatives reportedly deployed the “vulcan fire,” option, a multi-stage thermocorrosive chemical destroyer, to obliterate anything that the U.S. did not want to fall into the enemy’s hands.

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Afghanistan by Andre Klimke is licensed under Unsplash