OLI LONDON: Trans Activists Want Me 'Publicly Executed.' I Will Not Be Silenced

Over the past 72 hours, I have been subjected to a modern-day Salem Witch Trial with thousands of targeted hate messages across Twitter calling for my death, calling for people to throw 'rocks' at me and even calling for a public 'execution'. 

Why? All because I am daring to question gender ideology, the harm it is causing to children and the dangers of modern societies push to confuse vulnerable children and medically transition them. In the past 15 years we have seen over 100 pediatric gender clinics open across the USA, thousands of children being put on puberty blockers, hormone replacement therapy and even minors having gender reassignment surgeries. It's a largely recent phenomenon and amplified in the age of social media and in an age where wokeness has become such a dominant force across society. Anyone that questions the harm of this phenomenon is canceled called a bigot and labeled 'transphobic'. As we saw last week the New York Times faced a huge backlash and boycott all for daring to question the gender ideology movement and for publishing articles sparking serious conversations about transitioning minors.

The NY Times was subjected to a boycott, and thousands of the paper's own journalists and contributors publicly condemned the newspaper for the articles that questioned the safety of hormones and gender-affirming care for children. 30,000 people signed an open letter condemning the newspaper, thousands of outraged woke warriors canceled their subscriptions and numerous celebrities including Cynthia Nixon, Gabrielle Union and Lena Dunham jumped on the cancel bandwagon. They were joined by the LGBT organization GLAAD, Human Rights Campaign and the Transgender Law Centre among dozens of other organizations that took part in a modern-day witch hunt reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials.

I too have become a prime target for this same witch hunt, the puritanical anti-free speech group of trans activists and woke warriors that don't believe in anyone having a different opinion from their own. Over the weekend, I announced the pre-release of my forthcoming book, Detransition: A Memoir which lays challenge to the very foundations of the gender ideology movement and sparks real conversations about important issues that are affecting millions of young people and their parents. The book explores my own personal identity struggles with gender and self-identity while examining the root cause of the issue of trans ideology and gender identity, tackling the pressures of social media, the education system, media, and other factors that are pushing a growing number of young people into transitioning. The book takes a close look at real-world examples and examines laws, research, and data to help lift the lid on the multi-billion dollar gender-affirming care industry.

It is hardly ground-breaking to have a difference in opinion, but in this day and age, few books offer an alternative perspective for fear of being canceled. This book is one of the first to challenge the traditional narrative and pull apart the 'dream' young people are sold on becoming trans. 

Throughout history, books have also been a symbol of free speech, have championed the right to freedom of expression and have been designed to spark conversations and debate while allowing the reader to make up their own mind upon reading. Books are a sacred and important part of any democratic society yet sadly we are seeing books, like mine that offer an alternative opinion become subjected to targeted cancel culture attacks. Just like Roald Dahl's collection of children's books, which are now being rewritten due to censorship for fear, they may 'offend' the woke Generation Z readers. This sets a dangerous precedent, just like in 1933 when the Nazis took part in book burnings, burning thousands of books they didn't agree with while being jeered on by 40,000 of hate-filled onlookers. If we allow these modern-day book burners and witch hunters to succeed, everything we hold sacred and free will be taken away.

While these activists and woke warriors continue to target me and others like JK Rowling and as we have seen, New York  Times journalists and send us a barrage of death threats, intimidation and harassment- I for one will not allow them to silence me, I will not back down from sharing my personal story and calling into the question the harm gender ideology is having on society. If anyone backs down we give in and we lose our right to free speech. My hope is with this book it helps create dialogue and debate about the issues we are facing today with the rise in young people being medically transitioned and the erosion of parental rights over the issue of gender. Free speech and dialogue are sacred and we must always defend it no matter the cost.

Detransition: A Memoir is available for pre-order now on AmazonBarnes & Noble and Simon & Schuster

Image Attribution: Title: Oli London


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