Mayor Adams, The Renowned Epidemiologist


Ok, Mayor Adams, as your deep background in epidemiology underlies your comment grounded somewhere in your education that: “Now that we’re seeing a normalization of COVID, there may be another time that we are going to have to do mandates again because these viruses are not going away,” this is a rifle shot for living a life under government assault. 

Adams supported his supposed knowledge with, "I know what COVID looked like, and I know that if we didn’t have those mandates – I take my hat off to Bill de Blasio. That was a tough call, because you know New Yorkers…No New Yorker wants anyone telling them anything, That’s who we are. We don’t want to be mandated. We don’t want anyone to tell us to put on a mask. This was real. If we didn’t have that vaccine and we didn’t have those mandates, we would have lost so many more lives, And so, those who made the determination that, no, I still want to come into a work environment and I’m not going to be vaccinated, no, I want to still ride the trains. I want to do whatever I want. That just wasn’t right. That wasn’t right." 

Parents remember March 13th, 2020, when with zero notice, their lives were turned upside down. Inquiring emails are being sent to schools looking for answers but there’s no relief. Schools must get their directives from someone or something, but it’s all blank stares, finger-pointing, and obfuscation. It’s groundhogs day; this is what we heard three years ago. The phantom WHO or CDC is mentioned. Sometimes parents are told by the schools that they’re following orders from the state. If a straight answer can’t be given, how can life changing policies dare to be mandated? Who in fresh hell operates like this? Generals planning to defeat an opposing army, banks giving out loans minus information, pilots trying to land a plane without a flight course, doctors performing surgery without knowing the ailment?

Aside from all the horrors that the local government inflicted on the public in response to the COVID pandemic, amongst the worst were the amorphous rules, disjointed messaging, and absolutely pathetic communication. 

We want to know and we want to know now; Mayor Adams, are you bringing back masks, and will annual COVID shots be required for all children? Yes or no? 

Parents in New York City private schools have already had to pay a deposit for the 2023 - 2024 school year. They’ve been through the ringer. Unlike public schools, private schools mandated the vaccine as soon as it became available for the children, in August 2020, minus any parental input or that little thing like FDA approval. The few that were able to ascertain medical and religious exemptions were treated like pariahs.  They were unable to partake in gym and after school clubs. Moreover, they were subjected to gratuitous weekly testing, necessitating parents to leave work early to cart kids around, wait in queues, endure delayed tests. This resulted in children missing school and parents missing work to stay at home with their children until the results came.  Even the private school kids that did get vaccinated were forced to partake in monthly pooled testing as well as testing following school recess, of which there are many. 

Public school children were never subjected to these vaccine mandates and protocols. Even public schools on the same block as private schools. It was classist and wholly illogical. 

It’s nearly March; there are four months remaining until summer break. Parents need time to make difficult decisions prior to September if they’re opposed to the COVID mandates. Uprooting families, finding new homes, and securing new jobs is a tremendous endeavor.  

Mayor Adams, treat parents like adults, and show us respect, no matter your decision, by communicating clearly and in a timely fashion. 

There is now ample proof that masks were practically useless in terms of preventing catching or spreading COVID and doubtless harmful psychologically.  “Wearing masks in the community probably makes little or no difference to the outcome of influenza‐like illness/COVID‐19-like illness compared to not wearing masks.” In other words, masks didn't do much — if anything,” found a recent study on the matter.

It’s easy to cull myriad research proving that at the least, children shouldn’t have been forced to mask, vax, or boost against COVID. The frustration is that even with all the data citing the horrors they wrought, side effects ranging from death to health impairment, learning loss, spikes in self-harm, suicide, drops of IQ by 20 points, there was never a thirst to examine or expose the facts. Even if at the beginning, foisting masks, vaccines, and boosters were mandated out of an abundance of caution, it is no longer 2020. In 2020, we were in the Dark Ages of COVID. The varying solutions under Fauci and Birx in retrospect resemble the waterboarding of the witches of Salem. 

Now three years later, to reinstate these primeval reactions to 2020 is not only a rejection of science and parental rights, it is a rejection of the economy. It might also result in the rejection of the Democrat party. 

During COVID mandates, New York City won top place for outmigration. Families fled; 75% of New York City public schools saw a drop in enrollment, “nearly 23% losing 10% or more of their students, state figures show.

Parents have had it, Mayor Adams. The proof: gubernatorial candidate Zeldin was narrowly defeated by Hochul. Democrat moms not only didn’t vote Democrat, they didn’t neglect their civic duty by merely abstaining from voting, they rallied behind Zeldin. Why? He was pro-parental rights and anti mandates for starters. 

Adams’ treatment of parents is appalling. It goes beyond merely treating them like children who require adult supervision, it enters the realm of total disregard. 

New York City Council elections are November 7th. Parents, let’s impact policy and effectuate change. Demand every City Council candidate goes on the record with his or her stance on parental rights, mandates, and lockdowns. Call into the Mayor’s office; let him know that as Alexander Hamilton said, “Here, sir, the people govern.” We did not elect the WHO or CDC. We didn’t elect Randi Weingarten. And if Mayor Adams doesn’t want to go down as one of the biggest science deniers and child abusers, he had better bow to the will of the parents that remain and that have not yet voted with their feet to leave and their voices screaming in protest.



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